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Black Ops 3 and Nuketown Pre-order Exclusivity – Update: How to get a code

Update 6: If you feel like you should of got a nuketown code there is a solution (other than paying £20 on eBay). We got through to a chat support at activision regarding our ‘missing code’ and (being super nice and patient) we were able to get a code (thanks to the twitter and reddit users who pointed this out). Activision support said it was a known issue but it looks like they are trying to sort it (or some of the support team are – if the tweets in update 5 are anything to go by it may be hit or miss). Let us know how you get on on twitter.

Further updates at the bottom

So with Black Ops 3 round the corner and the hype train in full motion many of us have pre-ordered Black Ops 3- whether that be on PC or Console, last-gen or current gen. And many of us may be expecting to receive the much anticipated Nuketown pre-order bonus map. Quite of few of us may be disappointed come release day however when we find our pre-order copy is just the bog-standard edition. Turns out Nuketown is (maybe?) exclusive to GAME for physical copies in the UK (digital is unaffected).

Confused? So were we, especially after seeing numerous ads stating ‘Pre-order and get the Nuketown bonus map’ – nothing about exclusivity at GAME. If you add in the fact that previous CoDs all launched with the bonus map included in pre-orders at all retailers this certainly seems like some shady business on Activision’s part.

Here is a typical ad/post from the official Call of Duty facebook page, similar to those that you will see on other social media sites. What noticeable is the tiny small print in the video, visible for about 2 seconds, that states it’s a GAME exclusive until spring 2016.

We wondered why then Activision’s Black Ops 3 pre-order bonus page lists Amazon as a retailer when you select the UK:

Nuketown Amazon Black Ops 3

Yet follow through to the Amazon site and you won’t see it listed as a pre-order bonus:

Amazon Pre-order Black Ops 3

So what does GAME’s website say? Well at first it says this- “Nuketown personalisation pack” –  “only at game”:

Black Ops 3

OK so maybe it’s the personalisation pack with the camo, reticles and calling card that is exclusive. But scroll down further and you’ll see this:


Game Exclusive Black Ops 3

Yup – only at GAME it seems.

We decided to reach out to Activision support and retailers to confirm. Activision support lifted our hopes up (seems they don;t know either):



Before Tesco shot them down again:


  We’ve reached out to other retailers and we’ll update if we find out more, but it seems like many of us are getting the raw end of the stick on this miss-communication from activision. Sound off with your opinions on this at us on twitter     Update: Thanks to  on twitter it appears Activision claims pre-orders get it – though the wording may be cleverly referring to the digital versions only. Plot thickens:   

You can see the activison statement here


Update 2: Another online retailer got in contact with us privately to let us know their copies wouldn’t contain nuk3town as another seller has exclusivity.

Update 3: Yup – it seems even Activision support doesn’t even know

Update 4: Activisions support’s Twitter reply – not much help

Update 5: So the game is out now and there seems to be a bit of a backlash- especially after this was picked up by other sites. We also noticed some unusual conversations with @atviassist over the last few days who have been wrong, unhelpful or even rude. Check out some of these replies:


We can’t believe this person is allowed to work in support:

This one is just wrong:

As is this one:

And this one even ignores Game’s exclusivity: