Gogglebox fans fear family quit the show as favourites are missing from new series

Gogglebox fans fear family quit the show as favourites are missing from new series

Gogglebox fans spotted that some of the show’s favourite stars were missing from the line-up last night.

The Malone family have been a staple on Channel 4’s Gogglebox ever since they signed up to appear on the show back in 2014.

But fans noticed the Manchester based family – famed for their tray of cakes always on display – were missing from the show.

“Where are the Malones?!” one fan tweeted.

“Where are The Malones? Hope they haven’t left the show,” another added.

“Missed the Malones tonight!” a third wrote.

Taking to Instagram, the family’s dad Tom Sr soon cleared things up and explained they are on holiday at Disney World in Florida.

“Here we are, on holiday. Jesus Christ it doesn’t feel like one with all this lot, I can tell you that,” he told fans.

“We’re in Florida so we’re not there for the first couple of shows are we? Starting Friday. We’re here obviously – as you can tell behind us it’s the Menai Bridge.

“We’re in Anglesey. It’s a bit of a drive back but we’ll do out best.”

Mum Julie added: “I thought it was Blackpool Tower.”

Tom joked: “I stand corrected, Blackpool Tower.

“See you in a couple of weeks. Enjoy the show, it starts without us but we’ll be back soon.”

Tom and Julie’s daughter Vanessa and son Tom Jr could also be seen on the trip.

Meanwhile, fans were thrilled to see the show return last night- but noticed a big change.

It was touch and go for a while whether the Channel 4 show would air after Queen Elizabeth died yesterday at her home of Balmoral in Scotland at the age of 96. Buckingham Palace announced the devastating news in a statement released around 6.30pm yesterday.

Following her passing, broadcasters across the UK adjusted their schedules to allow for documentaries and news coverage about the Queen to be broadcasted instead. However, Channel 4 made the decision to continue on with Gogglebox this evening as planned.

As the show began, fans were thrilled to have a “bit of normality” back with the programme’s return, but noted a big change – which left them very unimpressed – as they tuned in to watch the Gogglebox stars give their verdict on last week’s TV.

“We need something to cheer us up #Gogglebox,” one fan penned, as another added: “I’m so glad #Gogglebox is back to just have some escapism.” A third wrote: “i haven’t watched #gogglebox in ages but honestly it is much needed tonight i’m glad it’s still on.”

Other fans though were unhappy with the show being a shorter length of 45 minutes, not the usual hour.

“why is gogglebox only on for 45 mins this week can’t get much worse,” one wrote, as another added: ” @Channel4 why is #gogglebox only on for 45 mins tonight? Thank you.” A third penned: “new gogglebox being only 45 minutes is sickening.”

However, one fan gave an explanation to the shorter time – and it’s been a change across most channels.

“For the people who wants to know why it’s only 45 minutes is because they are not showing any ads #Gogglebox,” they wrote.

It comes after Channel 4 bosses confirmed Gogglebox would go ahead as planned as it brings a “valuable sense of continuity” for viewers up and down the country following the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

A spokesperson said: “Channel 4 exists to offer viewers an alternative and that is particularly important at times like this. Gogglebox is a much loved national institution and it will air as planned tonight bringing a valuable sense of continuity for many of our viewers.”

Yesterday, Channel 4 had followed in the footsteps of BBC and ITV when the news of the Queen’s death broke and pulled much of its scheduled programming – including Katie Price’s documentary that had been due to premiere at 9pm yesterday evening.

Alex Mahon, Chief Executive of Channel 4 said: “On behalf of Channel 4, we are deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty The Queen and our thoughts and condolences are with her family and the whole country. For over 70 years, she has united this nation, supporting the right of everyone to have the opportunity to succeed and celebrating the rich diversity of our communities.”